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Welcome to SECURE Edit PmWiki for the CARC CocoRadio.Club Website!
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NOTICE: This Wiki is visable on the internet. Do not put proprietary on sensitive data or links on this Wiki!

Instructions For Using This Wiki (Click this link to go to the instructions page.)

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REQUESTED CHANGES or SUGGESTIONS - Go here to enter suggestions or requested changes in the website.

Field Day Fun - Get on the air; Learn; Participate; Help us Score Points!

ORGANIZE EVENTS - Page to link to pages for organizing events.

   2020 Field Day Discussion - located at: edit-password = (ask a CARC member) 2020 NADXA Field Day Will Be Operated From Home.
CARC Members Will Also Operate From Home.

Chirp Radio Program - Using the CHIRP software to program your radios.

FT8 and Related Information Links - Links to FT8 Information and related Programs.

Manage Existing Uploads

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