The Coconino County SKYWARN Net is conducted every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. as a part of the ARES net. We practice and prepare to pass weather reports and monitor and act on calls for assistance during inclement weather. This net is conducted in conjunction with the Flagstaff National Weather Service. Further SKYWARN info can be found below.  

Skywarn Net Reference Material:  

        weekly Skywarn Net Script - NET SCRIPT      

For Data readouts from portable remote operated weather stations, use, and enter call sign or location.
Grand Canyon call signs are X7FGZ-1 or X7FGZ-2.
SNOW BOWL SKI LIFT call sign is X7FGZ-3.
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Coconino County, AZ

SKYWARN is in Coconino County!  Conducted under the auspices of the Flagstaff Office of the National Weather Service, SKYWARN is an affiliation of trained observers who report unusual or potentially hazardous weather phenomena to the National Weather Service and can be called upon in times of crisis to provide local weather conditions as they pertain to emergency or disaster situations.

Reporting criteria can befound at :

Summer Reporting Criteria                                  Winter Reporting Criteria



The Coconino County SKYWARN is managed by Scott Martin, KY7A.  Coconino County ARES/SKYWARN meets each Wednesday night at 1900 MST (Arizona) for practice and information pertinent to SKYWARN operations. Coconino County SKYWARN uses the 146.980 repeater, which requires a negative offset and a PL tone of 162.2.  This repeater is located atop Mount Elden and is maintained by the 
Arizona Repeater Association. In the event of repeater failure the SKYWARN Net will be conducted on 146.980 simplex, with close-in stations relaying for outlying stations.  All licensed amateur radio operators residing in or visiting Northern Arizona are invited and encouraged to participate in the weekly SKYWARN Net.