Licensing and EXAM Sessions

CARC recognizes that the recruitment and training of new amateur radio operators is the lifeblood of amateur radio. CARC conducts classes for Technician and General Class Licenses and offers training manuals available at a discount.

Interested in classes for licensing, please send an email to for information.

LICENSING CLASSes Schedule:     Class_Schedule_2020-05-21.pdf

Due to COVID-19 guidance, LICENSING CLASSes Schedules and Methods have changed. The next series of lessons will be conducted using Zoom on the internet. Go to for information and to download software.

Updated information will be posted here when available.

2020 DATES:

05/23/2020 - 06/05/2020, 6 pm to 8+ pm, License exam on 06/06/2020 (current exam information).

See Class_Schedule_2020-05-21.pdf for details.

Contact Glen Davis KG7YDJ, (928) 266-7794, email, for more information and to get a Zoom invitation.

Additional Information: We recommend you purchase the ARRL Ham Radio License manual. If you can afford the spiral bound edition, it is easier to handle.


January 18,  April 18,   June 6,   July 18,   July 26 (Overland Expo CANCELLED),  October 17.

NEXT LICENSE EXAM: The next Coconino Amateur Radio Club license exam will be July 18.

All the questions and answers are available at:

- - - See the Calendar entry for more detail.

Items to bring with you: Copy of photo ID, copy of current valid amateur radio license (if upgrading), testing fees ($15.00), scratch paper and non-programmable calculator (optional).

Walk-ins will be accepted but a call ahead is preferred and is appreciated.  Send e-mails to:  or phone Joe Hobart at 928-525-9222 to get additional information on exams.

Primary Location: North Country Health Care facility at 2920 N 4th Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86004.