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This Wiki was created for use by members of the Northern Arizona DX Association
and the Coconino Amateur Radio Club.

Click on a link to go to a new page. Click the logo at the top left corner of a page to return to the main or home page.

You add information to the Wiki or make changes to existing text by editing a page.
Click the Edit link at the bottom or top of a page to edit that page - click Save when done to save your changes or click Cancel to abandon your changes.
The Preview button displays the modified page at the bottom of the edit display without saving anything or interrupting your editing.

You just type in text, change text or delete text. Limited formatting is available but not required!

You can insert your information on a page or you can insert a hyperlink to a new page and insert your information on the new page. Let's say you want to create a page about how Phil AE7OH eats worms. All you have to do is put square brackets around the words like this: [[Phil AE7OH Eats Worms]]. If the page does not exist yet a question mark appears after the link, inviting you to create the page (click on the ? to go to the new page and start editing).

You will find more detailed instructions in PmWiki links in the menu on the left.

You can upload and attach many file types (.jpg, .png, .doc, .pdf, etc) using Attach:filename in your document. See How to upload and reference data.

You can re-upload, rename, delete or restore uploaded files (attachable Cookbook). See Manage Existing Uploads.

Note: If you would like to make changes or additions but don't know how, send an email to and I will make the changes/additions for you. If you want to experiment with no chance of messing up anything, go to the WikiSandbox. Also, the entire Wiki is backed up periodically and can be easily restored; so, don't hesitate to edit anything and don't worry about making a mistake!

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