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Before you do anything else with CHIRP, download and save a memory image of your radio in a safe place!! (.img file). This image can be used to restore your Baofeng (or other radio) to working order in case you mess everything up, load an incorrect image, etc. Baofeng changes the memory layout frequently and you should not try to restore a radio from a different image!

Website for CHIRP:

Use the chirp-daily-20150702 or later version of the software -- these versions prevents loading the wrong image for your radio model into your radio.

NOTE: Older versions of CHIRP - chirp-daily-20140714 and earlier - do not check model type and can be used to restore a good image file

   to replace a bad one that has inadvertently been loaded!

Data supplied by Bill Smith KQ1S: CHIRP and Cable Driver Instructions.pdf      CHIRP Screenshot.pdf     

Data supplied by Phil Brunner AE7OH: Baofeng UV5R, etc. .xls Spreadsheet     

    - Spreadsheet has local programming and uses the "off" entry in the "Duplex" column to disable transmit on the Weather Station, etc.

    - You can copy and paste data from this spreadsheet into the CHIRP display after you download the data from the radio!

Linux notes:

   Go to the downloaded and extracted chirp-daily-20150702 folder and execute (as root):
        sudo python chirpw

   You can use /dev/ttyUSB0 for USB interface to Baofeng radio using the programming cable.
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